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While my work spans design research, interface, and environment design, I am driven toward designing socially responsible and ecologically sustainable systems.

I am Anushritha Sunil, a human-centered Indian designer, and architect based in New York. I approach complex global questions by engaging a diversity of deep knowledge, untethered by conventional norms, and generate unique outcomes across various scales and disciplines.

I am excited to be part of projects and understand the deeper human condition. Using an empathetic and vernacular lens, I want to advocate creating happier and healthier equitable futures.

I find that exploratory learning, multidisciplinary and multicultural collaboration are a big part of my design identity. I am interested in the big picture but also the beautiful characters that contribute to the whole system in the scope of fields like architecture, urban design, industrial design, and performing arts. 

Much of my work manifests into spatial memories and multisensory experiences, at the intersection of arts, science, design, and technology. My current work explores the kinesthetic possibilities of the body through embodied learning during early childhood and extends the mind to perceive the tangible and intangible ecosystem around us.


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+91 9945206502

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