Root to tip

Food and sustainability enthusiasts Sarah, Luisa, and I designed an interactive meal to get people talking about the invisible universe hidden in their rather plain-looking plates. Throughout five different courses, guests learned about local and seasonal produce and zero-waste cooking. Each course of the meal was vegan friendly and utilized every part of each ingredient used, whilst stimulating conversations about what we can be doing on an individual, local, and global scale. After dinner, attendees left with unique recipes to try at home. 



An Interactive audiovisual exploration inspired by surrealism.

A dream-like scene with an ambient atmosphere and visual art in motion. Surrealism defies logic. Dreams and the workings of the subconscious mind inspire surrealistic art filled with strange images and bizarre juxtapositions.

To put our idea into reality, we came up with an ambient patch on VCV rack and used the audio to trigger visuals created on TouchDesigner, the creative coding software. The visuals also respond to movement/motion of the audience.

In collaboration with Sarah Dodge, Luisa Charles, GrowNYC x Pratt Farm to Campus

A starry dusty pipe dream

In collaboration Emily Cooperstein


मयूर Mayūra

Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at 2.55.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at 2.47.43 PM.png


Rhythm is a smart reminder that lives on the body as an intimate and multi-modal simulation of the urge to use the bathroom. It aims to equip the user with a choice between discretion and assertiveness in its location and application


In collaboration with Varnika Kundu, Chloe Dutruc-Rosset, EnsAD Paris 

One week Design sprint

The Denim Project, recycling for livelihood, is a marketing campaign in collaboration with Hundred Hands, a non-governmental organization that works with various artisan clusters across India, reviving the dying crafts using up every last scrap salvaged from the old jeans.


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How may we empower teenagers with anorectal malformation and encourage independence in their daily routines?

The Denim Project


Future of Food

A collection of projects that tap into the right-brain thinking process to
explore concepts and arrive at design solutions. The premise is that new ideas come from the unknown instead of
the known. 



AA London Summer School

Understanding Trafalgar Square, not through first-hand experience, but through assembling the fragmented narratives of social media into a new whole — a grand narrative. We used glass as a medium to visualize this grand narrative. The final outcome manifested into visual stories on a pane glass door.

The dining table is a universe of memories, emotions, flavors, color, materials, smells, textures, sounds, and personal associations that people have with food. These memories visualized as colors and textures in the scene cannot be separated from the food we consume. The universe of the dining table is an interactive table that uses these associations to bring people together and establishes a deeper connection between people and food.

Community Engagement: Explorations with wider communities, non-profits, organizations, and initiatives. Using design as a tool to connect; sharing knowledge, skills and broaden empathic understanding